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Empowering Employees to Greater Productivity: Leadership vs. Management

Whitney Walpole

Whitney Walpole

Employee engagement is key to creating better bottom line results and a healthy work culture. But practically speaking, how do you motivate employees to greater productivity? In this workshop we'll tackle the question. We'll discuss the importance of leading vs managing you people. We'll also address the power of talking to the "why" not just the "how" and "what". Once you've built a strong "why", working with employees to focus their priorities for the year and providing quarterly feedback is key to increasing performance and developing an ownership culture.

Speaker Bio

Whitney has been a professional leadership coach and culture change expert for over 17 years. Her achievements include starting her own private school, founding and running a successful Internet software firm, managing her own coaching firm, and winning the Colorado Ethics in Business Award for her company's strong ownership culture. Whitney has a wide range of expertise in team dynamics, culture change, decision-making, communication styles and performance management.

Whitney coaches executive teams and business owners around the country in the what she calls Thrivable Dynamics - principles that help leaders build lives and organizations that thrive. She speaks passionately about the importance of developing strong emotional commitment throughout an organization, a palpable experience of shared ownership that engages the creative potential of every stakeholder.