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Steve White, Western Region Culligan Sales Association

Steve White

Monday, April 23, 2012 - Extended Breakout
Everyone is a Salesperson

Grow your business from within by changing the focus. Whatever, your job is in Culligan, you all need to sell something to other people every day and all day. A good influential focus is creating: curiosity, interest and a desire for others to want or do what you are selling. That best focus is honoring, serving, prioritizing other's needs, and influencing them instead of trying to control them. I believe we will all admit, trying to control everybody, AIN'T working! We will get into what has the best influence everyday with everyone!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 - Breakout Sessions
Moving from Good to Great.

We are all good at many things and we would love to be GREAT at more things, including our jobs. We know it takes more time and new insights for things to become GREAT.

Most of you have heard or read this: "Your present system is perfectly designed to give you the exact results you are getting" So for GREAT new results, we need new insights. There are three you will hear about. They are proof of going from Good To Great at work and life!

Speaker Bio

Steve White was with Culligan for 30 years and lives in the mountain valley called; Glenwood Springs, its in Western Colorado. While in Culligan he was a general manager, sales manager and sales person. He was asked to be the North American National Sales Trainer and did it for 11 years. Steve had also started a franchise training association while in franchise for 10 years prior to being with Corporate. It was called Western Region Culligan Sales Association.