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Troubleshooting Ion Exchange Resin

Melissa Neckopulos

Melissa Neckopulos

CWS-VI, Midwest Sales Representative, Purolite

Diagnosing treatment system problems can be tricky, and often the ion exchange resin gets targeted as the culprit. This presentation will cover the process to follow when the resin is considered to be the cause of the treatment failure; troubleshooting other aspects of the system that could cause the problem, and how to correct issues and prevent future occurrences.

Speaker Bio

As Midwest Sales Representative at Purolite, Melissa is responsible for ion exchange technical support and sales in 11 states for softening and industrial water companies. Prior to joining Purolite, Melissa worked at Water Quality Association as a Sales Manager and Laboratory Technician. Melissa is a level VI Certified Water Specialist and has a Bachelor of Science from Eastern Illinois University.